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By Joan Mantini

Sparking a number or packing innovations is Amazon’s new standard which is pushing the phase-out of corrugated boxes in eCommerce globally. This standard is also helping with the company’s environmental profile, reducing operating costs, all while creating convenience for its continuously growing customer base.  Could this be the start of a new era for eCommerce packaging formats across the board?

A new Freedonia Group study on the nearly $13 billion global eCommerce packaging market analyzes this trend and more.  Suggesting that source reduction, right-sizing and recyclability trends are key factors driving packaging innovation.

According to the study, Amazon and other global eCommerce leaders such as JD.com in China are driving an industry-wide trend toward primary packaging formats that:

  • Can be reused by the customer or the shipper if it is returned;
  • Reduces or eliminates need for void fill and protective packaging (i.e., right-sizing);
  • Reduces or eliminates need for secondary packaging, such as boxes;
  • Uses less material overall (i.e., source reduction); and
  • Uses more recyclable materials.

Indeed, Amazon pays its vendors for packing heavy and bulky products in 100 percent recyclable primary packaging that can be shipped without need for an additional box. However, they have actually taken this incentive one step further where it is being replaced with a penalty for any vendors not in compliance with its standards.

Amongst the articles in the November issue of Packaging Technology Today, you can learn how online and offline shopping are joining forces in packaging for the eCommerce world. In the packaging sector in particular, we are seeing more and more demand for comprehensive, integrated solutions that work equally well on store-shelves and in online retailing. This market structure is playing a vital role in household products and on-the-go meals services alike.  Aside from the eCommerce market, readers can also learn how smart technology is defining the future of inspection and detection.

I also wanted to take this time to announce that our 2020 Media Kit and Editorial Calendar is now available online – or you can Email me directly to get a copy.  We look forward to sharing the editorial topics with you and discussing future opportunities with your company for 2020.

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