BovedaⓇ Inc. Advances Cannabis Packaging Solutions Launches “Boveda Closure” System with Pharmaceutical Collaboration

In partnership with Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc. (“Drug Plastics”), the Boveda Closure system utilizes Original Terpene Shield™ technology for retailers and brands to safeguard their cannabis flower products.

Boveda Inc., the global leader in two-way humidity control solutions for cannabis, cigars, musical instruments, and other items, today announced the launch of the Boveda Closure system. The dynamic design integrates The Original Terpene Shield™ patented formula, found in Boveda’s sachets, within Drug Plastics’ Child Resistant SecuRx® closure. Together, this provides a child resistant package which complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements and advanced cannabis flower protection and preservation. The Boveda Closure will make its industry debut at MJBizCon in Las Vegas, the world’s largest cannabis business event, November 15-18th.

Available for wholesale purchase, each Closure system features four grams of Boveda’s most popular cannabis-specific formula to maintain 62% relative humidity.

In an industry-leading move, Boveda partnered with Drug Plastics, a trusted supplier of pharmaceutical-grade containers, to develop the Closure system, building quality and efficiency into packaging processes for flower retailers and brands.

Made in the USA with FDA-approved materials, the Boveda Closure is child resistant, and senior-friendly. . The Boveda Closure passed CPSC requirements when combined with 1, 3.5, and 7 gram plastic jars manufactured by Drug Plastics. The jars can be manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials.

For retailers in the competitive cannabis market, the benefits of the Boveda Closure system are multifold. The proprietary, all-natural saturated salt solution embedded in the Boveda Closure jar cap creates a monolayer of purified water molecules around plant trichomes, locking in terpenes and other volatiles.

The technology not only preserves flower character, flavor, potency, and aroma, but also is a packaging solution that helps protect a brand’s reputation and bottom line.

In a recent study, the Whitney Economics U.S. Cannabis Business Conditions Survey Report  found 58% of cannabis businesses are either breaking even or losing money. As cannabis markets continue to see falling prices and an oversupply of product, brand reputation becomes even more important to weathering these economic challenges.

In medical cannabis markets, the Boveda Closure system has emerged as a welcome solution for dispensary owners committed to protecting their patients and ensuring every item on the shelf is fit for consumption.

The Boveda Closure is a progressive development in the advancement of more streamlined packaging solutions for organic materials like cannabis. For more information, visit

About Boveda, Inc.:

Boveda, Inc. is the global leader in two way humidity control. The brand’s suite of products   preserve moisture-sensitive items including cigars, cannabis, medical devices, guitars, and more. Headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Boveda invented and patented the Original Terpene Shield™, which protects dried cannabis in storage, transport and packaging. Made with all-natural salts and purified water, the brand’s ready-to-use packets allow moisture to pass in and out as necessary through a semipermeable vapor-phase membrane. The purified water creates a powerful terpene shield that protects precious trichomes by preventing evaporation and preserving terpenes, and other volatile compounds. For more information, visit

About Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc.:

Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc. is a trusted source of plastic packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cannabis industries. Located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Drug Plastics is committed to making people’s lives better by producing packaging that is functional, easy to use, and safe. Drug Plastics is a leading manufacturer of HDPE bottles, PET bottles, and plastic closures for medicinal, wellness, and lifestyle products. For more information visit

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