Bonterra Organic Vineyards Introduces California’s First Organically Farmed Wine in Cans

bonterra cansBonterra Organic Vineyards (Bonterra) announced the launch of California’s first nationally available organically farmed wine in cans. The new collection of 250ml cans, which includes varietals Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc and Bonterra Rosé as well as newcomer Bonterra Young Red, delivers on the growing demand for organically sourced wines and eye-catching, convenience-driven packaging.

“With summer knocking on our door and festive outdoor occasions on the rise, the release of our Bonterra cans allows fans to make the most of this summer’s best moments,” said Rachel Newman, director of marketing for Bonterra. “Perfectly portioned and perfectly portable, our cans deliver the same great quality as our acclaimed, 750ml organically farmed wines in a gorgeous, Instagram-ready package.”

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