Technicote Expands Specialty Beverage, Health, and Beauty Line With Black Chromecast

Technicote, Inc. announced the expansion of its Black Chromecast line of products.

Technicote’s Black Chromecast products reportedly provide a superior quality appearance and alleviate technical issues of attempting to produce a striking black label with traditional materials. Premium Black Chromecast label materials could deliver the noteworthy look and feel brands require for their high-end products.

Benefits of Technicote’s Black Chromecast:

  • Stunning Appearance – Technicote’s Black Chromecast products reportedly have an ultra-smooth, high-gloss surface that allows for excellent printability and hot-foiling;
  • Exceptional Color – No need to print twice on traditional white facestock to create an even black tone. Black Chromecast could provide an opaque black color—even on the edges;
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity – Black Chromecast products are part of Tech25 which has a minimum order of 2,500′ to simplify inventory management and reduce waste by delivering only what you need; and
  • Technical Customization – Technicote’s technical team could help determine the exact product needed for your application by choosing from a large variety of adhesives, liners and pattern capabilities.

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