New Silgan Closures Cap for Creamers Offers Custom Closure Features in a Stock Cap

The new creamer closure being introduced by Silgan Closures, is a stock cap that incorporates features usually found only in custom closures. The cap is molded in Polypropylene (PP) in a sleek modern design that gives it a custom look. To complete the custom appearance, it can be made with the customer’s logo molded into the lid, and Silgan Closures will be able to custom-match colors for the customer. Meanwhile, as a stock product, this new cap eliminates the cost of a separate mold, enabling customers to give their new creamer a sleek custom look very cost effectively.

The new cap incorporates a no-drip spout design that eliminates dribbles and splashes, and a sturdy dual-band hinge that allows the closure lid to open completely out of the way of the spout so it will not interfere with pouring. The closure requires a bottle-applied induction or conduction foil seal. The cap features Silgan Closure’s popular STC 38 mm finish.

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