Eco Offenders in Packaged Water Category Revealed in Expert Life Cycle Study

Boxed Water Is Better®, the first sustainable alternative in the package water category, is publicly releasing a life cycle study conducted by sustainability experts Anthesis Group. The study compares the cumulative environmental impacts between a 500-milliliter PET plastic bottle, a 500-milliliter aluminum can, and a 500-milliliter carton of Boxed Water™.

In assessing PET plastic bottles versus Boxed Water cartons, Anthesis reportedly found that Boxed Water has a 36 percent lower carbon footprint, 43 percent less fossil fuel use, and 95 percent lower impact on our ozone.

Compared to aluminum, the Anthesis study found Boxed Water has a 20 percent lower impact on ozone depletion, 50 percent lower smog emissions, and a 66 percent lower impact on acidification due to deforestation.

This year, Boxed Water reportedly became the most sustainable brand in the water category, at 92 percent plant-based with a new plant-based cap. Boxed Water’s cap is derived from residue waste from FSC-certified sustainably grown trees used for pulp and bioenergy, rather than specifically grown for plastic, and has lower CO2 emissions than petroleum and sugarcane.

Every Boxed Water carton is reportedly created mostly of paper sourced from trees in well managed forests, shipped flat to reduce transportation impacts, and filled close to the source.

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