Cruise Beverages Gets Carried Away with an Uplifting Brand Design

Cruise Beverages is on a mission to help people find their happy place with the purest, most flavorful, nitro-infused CBD drinks in the world. And they’re doing it with craft, quality and creativity – from the all-natural ingredients, to the unique flavor blends, to the company’s proprietary processes. Their deliciously smooth and effervescent B Happy drinks allow people to relax and recharge throughout the day, whether providing a morning workout recovery, a mid-day boost of energy, or some nighttime relaxation.

The team at Studio One Eleven helped the Cruise B Happy brand tell their story of free-spirited fun and refreshment with updated branding, expressive flavor names and unique packaging graphics. Playful, uplifting illustrations speak to the brand’s sense of freedom and relaxation, and the hand-drawn style reflects the craftsmanship of the product itself. A white background with flavorful pops of color feels clean and fresh, while tiny bubble imagery communicates delightful effervescence. The final design breaks free from convention.

Cruise Beverages Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Post, says “Everyone who has seen the packaging loves it. The design is opening up a lot of doors because it looks so different than other CBD beverages out there. It is helping to get buyers to try the product, and retailers are taking us because they love how the packaging looks on shelf and how fun it is. Online sales have been great too. We actually exceeded our online sales projections within just the first few weeks of the launch.”

(Image Credit: David Stoken)

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