Vacuum Packaging in a New Dimension

With the VSM® Bulky, Augsburg-based MBM innovations GmbH is setting new standards in the field of vacuum packaging. The compact model in hygienic design is a perfect all-rounder for vertical packaging of large products such as ham, pieces of meat or other large and loose containers. Numerous strong performance features not only offer added value for food processing companies, but also make the VSM Bulky a resilient and at the same time efficient component in the production process.

The new packaging machine with manual bagging evacuates, gas flushes and seals vertically in a very confined space. It is particularly suitable for productions with frequently changing product batches or for applications where a high degree of flexibility is required. Vertical packaging reportedly enables vacuuming and gas flushing from above in bags directly within transport boxes or E2 crates, cartons or drums, which means that even large packs can be packaged easily and reliably.

The extra-wide vacuum station with double-sided impulse sealing ensures reliable wrinkle-free sealing even with large formats and even with moist pouches.

“In addition to the reliable vacuum, the wrinkle-free sealing seam and the double-sided impulse sealing are decisive factors with regard to packaging quality, product protection and shelf-life,” said Julia Mayer, product engineer, MBM. “Separate preheating times are eliminated because we do not use a permanently heated sealing bar. This means that the packaging machine contributes significantly to higher productivity. This is particularly noticeable with frequently changing batches.”

Thanks to the proven VSM technology, the entire evacuation process takes place under normal atmospheric pressure – without a vacuum chamber. This guarantees a high-quality vacuum that is gentle on the product, which is particularly advantageous for sensitive product structures.

The space-saving, slim design reportedly allows the versatile VSM Bulky to be used in almost any work environment. The innovative model is also mounted on castors and can simply be pushed wherever it is needed. MBM offers the possibility to make individual adaptations to the standard machine thanks to its high vertical range of manufacture and comprehensive expertise in special machine construction.

The VSM Bulky also has two gas connections so that two different types of gas can be connected for gassed packs with modified atmosphere (MAP packs). Individual programmes with the different gas types and vacuuming times can be stored in the system for this purpose.

Finally, there are virtually no limits to the flexible multi-talent in terms of the range of products that can be processed. The extra-long sealing bar even accommodates packaging of very large products and loose packs.

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