Schubert to Exhibit at ProFood Tech 2019

Schubert is scheduled to exhibit at ProFood Tech in Chicago March 26-28, for the first time.  At this year’s ProFood Tech fair, Schubert plans to present its growing portfolio of products and services. The company customizes high-end packaging machines to handle complex, sophisticated packaging requirements and has recently introduced its lightline series.

“Customers now have the choice between freely configurable machines with extensive degrees of freedom, which are tailored to individual customer requirements, and our cost-attractive preconfigured machines from the new lightline series with defined product and packaging formats,” said Hartmut Siegel, CEO of Schubert North America.

At the ProFood Tech 2019, Schubert plans to showcase its state-of-the-art automation packaging technology. A machine frame equipped with a four-axis pick and place robot will assemble 3D printed miniature Schubert machine frames. The machine reportedly embodies Schubert’s proven commitment to quality as reflected in high availability, outstanding reliability, secure production and comprehensive service.

The company’s new lightline series consists of three machine types with which customers can master standardized packaging tasks with great efficiency and high quality.  The machines are ready for use within a short time. The new lightline Cartonpacker takes on the role of a classic case packer when erecting, filling and closing cartons. The lightline Pickerline is a powerful pick and place line for picking up and placing products in trays. The lightline Flowpacker packs products in flowpacks in conjunction with the Pickerline.


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