Schubert lightline Machine Series: Gerhard Schubert GmbH

The space-saving lightline Cartonpacker consists of a single module and packs bags, boxes, bottles or cans into cartons in the smallest of spaces.

Confectionery manufacturers can now rely on a new machine series from Gerhard Schubert GmbH for simple, frequently sought-after packaging tasks. The Schubert lightline offers cost-effective and highly efficient solutions for elementary everyday packaging assignments. The compact lightline machine types cover the entire range of most common packaging requirements. They automate a variety of standard packaging tasks at an attractively low investment cost.

With the Schubert lightline series, the Crailsheim-based packaging machine manufacturer is reportedly addressing packaging tasks that call for less flexibility, at low investment and operating costs. All lightline machine types are preconfigured, meaning they are designed for pre-defined product and packaging formats. The machine series provides high-efficiency automation solutions without any compromises.

With the lightline Cartonpacker, lightline Pickerline and lightline Flowpacker, three high-performance systems are now available that can solve virtually any elementary packaging task for piece products. The new lightline Cartonpacker takes on the role of a classic case packer when erecting, filling and closing cartons. The lightline Pickerline is a pick and place line for picking and placing products into trays. The lightline trio is completed with the Flowpacker, which, in combination with the Pickerline, efficiently packs products in flowpacks.

The scalable lightline Pickerline features 3D image processing and can be equipped with individually designed robot tools for product formats of all kinds.

Each of the three machine types are based on preconfigured TLM modules with intelligent control and the modular machine technology which has made Schubert successful for more than 50 years. The new lightline machines also distinguish themselves with outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability over their entire service life. Another advantage of the new machine series is scalability. If additional modules are required, the lightline Pickerline and the lightline Flowpacker can also be adapted to higher output volumes. Customised pick and place tools and four different sealing technologies for packaging in flowpacks guarantee the best possible adaptation to each product.

The expandable lightline Flowpacker uses pick & place robots, so that almost any product format can be packaged gently and efficiently in flowpacks.

Entirely supported by the Schubert Customer Services, all lightline machines offer the same scope of services in terms of system availability and digital connection as all other Schubert machines. In the future, OEE evaluations and preventive service will also be possible via the manufacturer’s digital machine platform. Customers now have a choice with Schubert: either freely configurable machines that are individually tailored to specific customer requirements – or the new attractively priced lightline machines for simple packaging tasks.

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