Sanitary Conveyors: Staying Ahead of Sanitary, Wash Down Construction Compliance

Cleaner, safer, faster, more reliable and technologically advanced sanitary conveyors meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Image courtesy of Multi-Conveyor.

Multi-Conveyor excels in the utmost of sanitary conveyor systems (all the way to 3A) which means they understand sanitation. Staying on top of agency compliance for beverage, food and pharmaceuticals is a daily event at Multi-Conveyor. The fact is, they continually update their checkpoints to comply with the most strict, ever changing mandates as set forth by esteemed food and drug safety agencies.

What does Multi-Conveyor go through to make sure your system is truly sanitary and agency compliant?  This revisit “on demand” collaboration video, hosted by Tom Wright, Sales Account Manager, is a great reminder!

As new guidelines are set forth, their team implements unique strategies to sustain, meet and overcome those requests. Their innate capability of designing and engineering systems on an individual product line basis puts Multi-Conveyor in a league nearly of their own. Ultimately, the industry must trend towards conveyors that are cleaner, safer, faster, more reliable and technologically advanced to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Increased throughput, along with elimination of product waste and downtime, are essential in providing a quality conveying system to our customers. New product carrying belts or chains, and materials for wear parts, must add to the performance criteria of a project, while meeting guidelines for materials acceptable in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Conveyor construction should be resistant to chemicals used in cleaning and sanitation. Often times all of those characteristics are required of each conveyor. Although all of the updates are far too many to mention  in the video, critical points may include:

  • Removable NTR (no tool required) components for cleaning
  • Gasketed areas to keep contaminants from getting behind wear strips
  • Critical radius welds and radius bushings
  • Tooless removable CIP’s (clean in place)
  • USDA approved urethane belts for tight transfers
  • Plastic washers behind all fasteners

View many more  wash down, sanitary and hygienic constructed conveyor videos by visiting the gallery at  Then, call  1-800-236-7960.


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