RIOS Ranked a Top 5 Robotics Startup in Food Warehouse Sector

(Graphic Courtesy of StartUp Insights)
The global startup heatmap identifies five top warehouse management robots impacting the food sector.

RIOS Corporation was named a global industry leader in food sector warehouse management, and developed one of the five top robots in the industry according to StartUs Insights.

StartUs analyzed 138 startups, and recognized RIOS’ innovative automation-as-a-service solutions for the food industry, and the impact of their robotic solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) technology on food warehouse automation.

The analysis recognized the impact of the RIOS DX-1, a full-stack multi-purpose dexterous robot that interacts with objects in both static and dynamic applications, such as bin picking and moving conveyor belts. The robot also works in changing warehouse environments and automatically adjusts to complex manipulation tasks.

Picking and sorting food items of variable packaging, size, texture, and volume is a labor-intensive process at warehouses. Robotics are emerging as a solution to address labor shortages, and have the capability to intelligently sort and place items in designated bins.

U.S.-based RIOS was founded in 2018, and helps enterprises automate factories, warehouses and supply chain operations. More information is available at Read the full release from StartUs Insights.

(Image Courtesy of RIOS Corporation) Food-grade workcells automate manual food handling and sorting tasks.

(Image Courtesy of RIOS Corporation) Full-stack technology impacts food production and assembly, as well as picking and packing operations.

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