New Modular and Flexible Machine Safety Solution

The Flexi Compact from SICK is a new modular safety controller distinguished by its improved usability and safety engineering. It enables users of automated machines to operate more productively with the scalable performance and intelligent diagnostic functions of the safety controller.

The new Flexi Compact is a safety controller for machines with medium to complex safety logic. It also integrates into a variety of fieldbuses and Industry 4.0 applications.

The new Flexi Compact safety controller could offer users in the machine building sector improved usability in many areas. The modular hardware platform reportedly enables integration in a flexible, application-appropriate, and cost-efficient manner. If the demands on the safety controller increase, it can subsequently be adapted or extended by up to 12 modules.

The application-optimized slim housing saves space in the control cabinet. Front connectors could be assembled in advance and allow simple, time-, and cost-efficient wiring. The TFT display visualizes all relevant inputs and settings during commissioning and servicing, which could enable fast setup as well as immediate use of the safety controller.  

Its safety-certified high-speed backplane bus is characterized by its short response times, which reportedly enables optimization of safety distances to the machine and allows for shorter cycle times in highly dynamic processes.

Gateways in commonly used fieldbus environments and automation systems allow sensor information and machine data to be continuously provided to Industry 4.0 applications.

The Flexi Compact also reduces costly troubleshooting and downtimes. It reads application-specific diagnostic data in real time and makes it available for condition monitoring, making localizing and analyzing faults a fast process. Evaluations of sensor information for predictive maintenance purposes are also available more quickly.

When combined with the Flexi Loop safe series connection, the Flexi Compact is ideally suited for machines with decentralized safety paths.

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