FORT Robotics Endpoint Controller for Wireless Safety and Control of Machines and Robots Receives SIL 3 Certification

FORT Robotics, a pioneer in robotic control solutions, announces that its Endpoint Controller — which brings safe, secure, dynamic wireless control to mobile, automated, or autonomous machines — has received SIL 3 (safety integrity level 3) functional safety certification, as defined by IEC 61508, from exida.

The controller, which is part of the FORT Robotics Control Platform, can send and receive two different SIL 3 safety commands over Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can communicate with up to 30 machines simultaneously. This makes it possible to command and manage machines on- or off-site, delivering scalable, efficient control while protecting people and assets.

“In warehousing, manufacturing, heavy equipment, or really any machine environment, there is an increasing need for people and robots to work together,” said Nivedita Ojha, VP of product at FORT. “Our goal is to make that collaboration as productive as possible with minimal risk. With the Endpoint Controller, companies can enhance operational efficiency by commanding multiple machines at once to e-stop, pause, crawl, respond to a fire alarm, and more.”

Scalable, Fleet-Wide Robot and Machine Control

FORT’s Endpoint Controller functions as both a transmitter and a receiver of SIL 3 safety commands. Deploying an SIL 3–certified product helps users comply with safety regulations and ensures that potential risks have been assessed and mitigated. While in the past, this level of reliability was limited to wired hardware, the evolving automation landscape requires the ability to send functionally safe commands over any network, including wireless communication. FORT’s product is one of only a few certified wireless solutions on the market.

The Endpoint Controller can be mounted on a machine or integrated with third-party input devices, such as buttons, safety interlocks, light curtains, or fire alarms, allowing users to trigger automatic wireless communications with a fleet of machines or robots. Additional features include a tamper-proof design, an IP65-rated enclosure, and secure firmware to protect against cybersecurity threats.

Like other FORT devices in the FORT Robotics Control Platform, the Endpoint Controller is built from the ground up to keep people, assets, and data safe and secure. The controller can be securely configured and managed using the FORT Manager cloud platform, available via a no-code application or through API access for direct integration with an existing system.

View more information about the Endpoint Controller.

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