AMK Automation Corp. Launches New Website

AMK Automation Corp. ( recently launched a new comprehensive website to provide a full range of product information and motion control insight to the automation community in the U.S. The new site, located at, has been designed to help AMK Automation fulfill its mission: make motion control simple and help customers across multiple manufacturing and automation industry segments build better machines, faster.

The website includes separate sections on each of AMK Automation’s main product offerings: servo motors, servo drives and modules, and motion control systems. These products cover both cabinet-based servo drives and controls as well as a full array of decentralized, or “cabinet-free” drives, power supplies and controller systems designed to be mounted on machine frames.

“At AMK Automation, we think that the best ideas are often the simplest ones,” says Tom Jensen, general manager and technology evangelist. “We’ve applied that thinking to our website. It’s simple to navigate, with useful product information and insights on how to pick the right motion control technology for each customer’s unique requirements.”

Unique features of the new site include:

Frameworks: This portion of the site provides in-depth exploration and discussion about the three key motion control approaches or “frameworks” AMK supports: centralized, cabinet-based systems; decentralized, cabinet-free products that can be mounted on machine frames; and hybrid frameworks, which combine the centralized and decentralized technologies.

What’s New: This content hub links to multiple technical papers, web-based videos, trade publication articles and webinars, showcasing the latest product details, technology insights and industry recommendations from AMK’s motion control experts.

“What’s Right for You” Quiz: This simple online quiz asks three key questions about the operating environments and performance requirements of an automation system. With the answers, AMK is able to provide a smart recommendation for the most effective motion control framework to use, along with suggestions on product selection.

AMK Automation will be updating the site with new product information and technical material on a regular basis.

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