Ranpak Automation Announced North American Launch of Evo Cut’It!

Ranpak Automation, a division of Ranpak, announced the North American launch of EVO Cut’It!™.  EVO Cut’It! is a next generation automated packing machine for product shipping and fulfillment companies that automatically reduces carton size based on package content volume. The machine eliminates waste by automatically lowering the carton to the highest point of filling, at the speed of 900 boxes per hour.  Cut’It! was introduced to customers and market leaders during a 3-day open house event at Ranpak headquarters in Concord Township, Ohio.

“Cut’It! resolves multiple issues for shippers in the e-commerce sector while bringing benefits that ultimately impact their customers in the area of sustainability and recyclability,” said Uwe Klarner, global sales director of Ranpak Automation. “Automation answers the problem of labor shortages on the shipping floor while increasing packing speed at the same time, resulting in higher efficiencies and cost savings. The recyclable, paper-based packing fill makes disposal easy for consumers.  EVO Cut’It! is an end to end win.”

Cut’It! automatically adjusts carton sizes to the highest point of product fill, eliminating unnecessary void in the box, then glues the lid in place. This process ensures perfect fit inside the carton as well as good stacking on the pallet, reducing handling, materials and transportation costs. EVO Cut’It! features touch screen displays, precise box positioning and a low noise level during operation. Its compact size also eases its integration into existing installations, minimizing valuable floor space.