PATLITE USA Introduces New Audio Visual Signal Tower

PATLITE U.S.A. Corporation, a global market leader in cutting-edge audio and visual signaling, announces the launch of its network-capable wall mount signal tower, the WE-LAN. PATLITE’s new WE-LAN signal tower features various display patterns with nine colors available for diverse workplace applications, curated to your unique demand. Uniquely, the WE-LAN has a special softer light setting where light glows gently like a firefly making it suitable for offices, hospitals and nursing homes.

The WE-LAN was developed to easily notify various machine statuses over a network, which could not be achieved with conventional products controlled by digital IO.  Its easy-to-use network protocols allow general-purpose protocols like HTTP and Modbus/TCP to be supported so that implementation can be done with minimal development effort on the user end. Its slim design with a depth of 37.5 mm improves the sense of unity with devices and equipment and, although it is thin, visibility from its side is not compromised.

PATLITE’s approach to global accessibility continues with the WE-LAN as It is compliant with various standards and environmental requirements worldwide  — including CE, RoHS, UL and FCC — so that it can be used confidently worldwide with = peace of mind. Furthermore, the RJ45 female connector cable attached to the unit can be connected to a LAN cable and compared to discrete-wire type products, this reduces the man-hours required for wiring.

For more information on PATLITE’s new WE-LAN wall mount signal tower and other signaling and audible solutions, please visit and consider following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for up-to-date company news, video applications and the latest information on new and upcoming products from PATLITE.


For over 75 years, PATLITE’s commitment to safety, security and innovation has made it the world’s best-known manufacturer of visual and audible signaling products. Backed by years of industry experience and expertise, PATLITE has specialized in offering cutting-edge solutions to the process and automation industries worldwide. Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, PATLITE has over 1000 employees in wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the U.S.A., Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China. Its dedicated staff of industry experts is committed to providing quality resolutions to workplaces and factories across the globe.

With a constant drive to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for reliable, in-stock products, PATLITE continues to deliver safety, security and comfort to facilities worldwide. For more information, visit, email or call 1-888-214-2580.

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