Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods Powered by Nano VpCI Available from EcoCortec Plant

Stretch hoods are among the fastest growing packaging techniques for shipment of palletized goods. In recognition of this trend, Croatian bioplastics plant EcoCortec® has designed specialty plastomer material solutions to further revolutionize the stretch hood packaging market.

Cor-Pak® Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI® are the ultimate high-performance stretch hood films for corrosion protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are reportedly suitable for industrial use to stabilize loads and ensure pallet integrity for efficient packaging and delivery.

This film is co-extruded using state of-the-art resins, reportedly offering superior strength and stretch characteristics as well as multi-metal corrosion inhibiting properties that only VpCI® Technology can deliver.

UV stable and recyclable, Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI deliver puncture resistance and load holding, which allow a user to down-gauge, contain aggressive loads and produce a better package at reduced cost. The combination of enhanced polyethylene resins with VpCI Technology makes Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI the most advanced corrosion inhibiting stretch film available today on the market.

Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods can easily be recycled and are compatible with commercially available manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment. Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods meet German TL 8135-002 and NACE TM0208-2018 standards for corrosion protection. Hoods can be tailored per customer request. The stretch hoods are elastic (788.4 percent elongation at break), sealable and show outstanding toughness.

Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods powered by Nano VpCI can be used in the fast-growing market for various stretch hood film packaging techniques. They reportedly allow industries to quickly and securely wrap and contain heavy loads while protecting metal components from corrosion.

Cor-Pak Stretch Hoods can be used for countless possible packaging applications such as:

  • Appliances;
  • Automotive components;
  • Computers;
  • Construction materials;
  • Electrical/electronic cabinets;
  • Petrochemical drums;
  • Foundry products and equipment;
  • Industrial equipment; and
  • Any metal items placed on pallets.

Benefits of Cor-Pak Stretch Hood Film:

  • Provides multi-metal corrosion protection with VpCI action;
  • Helps keep dust, dirt, and moisture off warehouse stock;
  • Stabilizes pallet loads;
  • Enhances packaging integrity; and
  • Allows down-gauging for cost reduction.

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