A-B-C Packaging’s Robot Palletizer Line

A-B-C’s 700 series robotic palletizers are designed to deliver the flexibility of manual palletizing with reduced costs and liability as these machines automatically accumulate and stack cases, trays, bags or shrink-wrapped multipacks in multiple configurations and pallet loads.

Packagers could achieve efficient and reliable pallet forming while utilizing less floor space, and ship secure, well-formed pallet loads that protect products throughout distribution. All systems are reportedly OEM-engineered, manufactured, and supported by A-B-C’s professional service technicians.

Standard systems reportedly include a high payload robot and appropriate product handling devices for single or dual infeed and pallet building, product transport and staging conveyors, high visibility guarding, as well as Allen Bradley controls and programming.

Additional pallet patterns could be easily programmed by the end user and uploaded at the operator panel for seamless transition to new products or packs. The pallet programming software automatically sets the most efficient arm movement to maximize palletizing speed. A variety of end-of-arm tools are available to accommodate all product types.

Options include automation of empty pallet transfer and slipsheet/picture frame inserting. Robotic control or separate devices may be integrated depending on speed and space requirements. A variety of full pallet takeaway conveyor options are also offered.

For more information, visit www.abcpackaging.com.

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