New Design and Frame Sizes Next Step for NORD’s IE5+ Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorTechnology

Following the successful launch of their smooth surface IE5+ synchronous motors, NORD is releasing a new design and larger frame sizes to expand their high-efficiency electric motor portfolio. NORD’s new IE5+ synchronous motor design and larger frame sizes offer increased functionality for a wide range of industries and applications.

With the introduction of their first IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor in 2021, NORDDRIVESYSTEMS delivered a new standard of energy efficiency, variant reduction, and reduced operatingcosts. This Size 71 TENV smooth surface design has paved the way for additions to the IE5+ product familyincluding ventilated designs and larger frame sizes to expand performance and versatility even further.These motors are UL/CSA certified and can be utilized across a wide range of industries and applications.The new motors include a larger Size 90 TENV, as well as a new TEFC ventilated design.

The Size 90TENV smooth surface IE5+ motors extend the power range of these hygienic motors up to 3 hp and they are ideal for wash-down areas such as food and beverage applications, pharmaceuticals, and other applicationswhere high corrosion resistance is required. The smooth, fan-less design increases productivity due to more efficient cleaning processes and provides cost savings as cleaning requires fewer chemicals, less water, andless energy. NORD’s TENV IE5+ motors are available with IP69K protection or can be treated with NORD’snsd tupH™ Sealed Surface Conversion System to withstand the toughest operating environments. In addition to the smooth surface design, NORD has developed a ventilated TEFC IE5+ motor for use inintralogistics, packaging, post and parcel, and manufacturing.

The ventilated design enables cool operation with a high overload capacity and constant torque over the full speed range of 0.5 – 5 hp. These motors come in two frame sizes, 71 and 90, and feature a motor integrated encoder as well as an optionalintegrated mechanical brake. Like the original Size 71 TENV design, the latest IE5+ motors are fully compatible with NORD’s modular system of gear units and variable frequency drives. Flexible mounting options include integral mounting toNORD gear units, IEC B5 flanges, IEC B14 flanges, and NEMA C-Face adapters.

The compact footprint ofboth designs provides installation flexibility and the ability to adapt these motors to a wide range ofapplications, especially those where space is limited. Small size combined with minimal noise emissions,high overload capacity, and high energy efficiency make IE5+ motors a great investment for reducing systemvariants and ultimately lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).IE5+ motors are part of the new NORD product portfolio that is raising the standards of drive systemtechnology. This innovative portfolio also includes the DuoDrive integrated gear units and the NORDACON/ON+ decentralized VFDs that are engineered to work in conjunction with IE5+ motor technology.1/3Together these units focus on maximum energy efficiency and are engineered to save operational costs overtime.

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