SICK Launches New Product for Non-Contact Measurement of Speed and Length

With the SPEETEC®, SICK is expanding its product range for speed and length measurement of objects moving in a linear path to include technology that measures directly on the material surface.

The non-contact sensor is able to measure a wide range of web and continuous materials, as well as blanks with an accuracy of just 4 micrometers. The SPEETEC can reportedly measure materials that cause wear, adhesion, or abrasion damage to measurement solutions.

The SPEETEC is equipped with class 1 lasers, and the non-contact measurement is performed with a laser Doppler. Two transmitters emit laser light, one in the direction of movement of the material, the other in the opposite direction. Since the transmitters work independently, possible mounting tolerances and surface fluctuations can be balanced out.

With the SPEETEC, length, speed and position can also be detected in linear movements when switching between forward and backward motions. In addition, acceleration measurement in applications with high motion dynamics is reportedly possible since only three milliseconds pass between the start of the movement and the output of measured values.

The speed sensor from SICK also could create new resource-saving solution options in the speed measurement of short materials. The SPEETEC can reportedly measure individual parts down to the size of a business card.

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