Mettler Toledo’s X34 X-Ray System and New Global Conveyor System for Metal Detectors

METTLER TOLEDO BOOTH PHOTOAt this year’s Pack Expo East, Mettler Toledo plans to showcase the ability of its X34 X-ray inspection system to automatically set the parameters for inspecting a target package by running it through the system several times. This relieves the operator from having to choose the parameters, improving results while lowering throughput time and reducing power costs.

Also on display will be the new Mettler Toledo GC Global Conveyor system or metal detectors, which enables the conveyor to be completely disassembled without tools in 5 minutes for cleaning, significantly reducing washdown downtime. The result of a lengthy design and engineering by Mettler Toledo, the GC conveyors will be standardized across the 39 countries where the company sells, assuring uniformity of training, maintenance and part replacement globally.

The systems exhibited in the booth will demonstrate the equipment’s ability to enhance productivity and increase operator efficiency to improve OEE in addition to protecting product quality and brand image. These systems detect physical contaminants, as well as ensuring accurate package weights, complete contents and correct labelling. On display will be systems demonstrating capability in checkweighing, metal detection, X-ray and vision inspection.

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