Mettler Toledo’s New X-ray Re-Inspection Program Enables Food Companies to Re-inspect Quarantined Product Without Disrupting Ongoing Production

x-ray re-inspection programMETTLER TOLEDO’s new X-ray Re-Inspection Program enables companies to re-inspect the quarantined product on-site using a METTLER TOLEDO X-ray system, identifying and removing any contaminated product, then allowing uncontaminated re-inspected product to be delivered to customers. This re-inspection takes place at the manufacturer’s facility without shutting down ongoing production, continuing to maximize productivity.

Under this new Re-Inspection Program, after METTLER TOLEDO consults with the manufacturer to determine what contaminant it has detected, it configures an X-ray system to maximize detection for that contaminant. Quick turnaround enables quarantined product to be re-inspected quickly, and confirmed uncontaminated products to move on quickly to customers.

A dedicated, factory-trained METTLER TOLEDO service engineer will guide the manufacturer’s operators through the re-inspection, providing training and technical support throughout the re-inspection process. When the re-inspection is complete, the manufacturer will receive a full report documenting inspection results to support the company’s quality program for future audits.

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