Marposs Announces Compact, Flexible Inspection System for Glass Containers

Marposs’ VisiQuick-Mini™ offers an affordable, flexible and compact solution for external dimension measuring of glass containers.

Marposs, a world leader in measurement, inspection and test technologies, has announced the availability of its VisiQuick-Mini™ semi-automated inspection system for glass containers based on optical technology that replaces all hard gauges for external dimensions measurement.

A compact, flexible system, the VisiQuick-Mini can reportedly measure glass containers of varying size, shape and color without any job changes, resolving many of the limitations found in hard gauging. It can be installed, at the cold-end, in the laboratory or close to the manufacturing line, where it can profitably replace all go-no go gauges for external dimensions measurement.

The VisiQuick-Mini reportedly averages a cycle time of 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the type of container. It can measure glass containers up to 410 millimeters high and 30 to 120 millimeters external body diameter.

It features a simple, intuitive user interface and full compatibility with production monitoring systems including Vertech SIL. Its compact design could be ideal for customers with a limited budget or plants located in countries with low labor costs.

The measured container is manually placed on a rotating plate, that can also travel along a vertical axis, in front of a camera that uses shadow casting technology. After selecting the recipe of the article to be measured and entering the mold numbers sequence, the measuring cycle is carried out automatically.

The system reportedly includes an extensive library of measurement algorithms including total height, verticality, bent neck, mouth parallelism, body parameters and finish parameters on any finish type. An optional industrial scale can be integrated, under the plate, to measure the container’s weight.

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