Exact Metrology Representing Procon for North America

Exact Metrology is now representing the ProCon line of x-ray inspection equipment for industrial and commercial concerns, as well as university and scientific research operations.

“ProCon high-resolution focus x-ray technology delivers uncompromised image quality and is widely used for non-destructive testing (NDT) failure analysis and process control in many industries, R&D and academic environments,” said Steve Young, co-president.

A range of equipment will be offered for sale, ranging from 50-225kV x-ray voltages and specimens from micro gears to 8” square pieces.  Units in tabletop styles for lab use up to full industrial grade floor models for in-plant or in-process use will be available.  Exact will also maintain a unit in its Brookfield, Wisc. facility to examine workpieces to 8” square.

The ProCon units have myriad functionalities, including full-dimensional metrology layout, void analysis, closure analysis, circuit visualization, internal component seating analysis, wire connection, porosity, fiber analysis and even food ingredient configuration.

“We can detect whether the nuts in the chocolate bar are whole or not,” said Dean Solberg, co-president.

The technology is used in aerospace, medical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, various packaging and container, metal casting, molded plastics, composite materials fabrication and more.