Ranpak Unveils Launch of FillPak Trident

Fillpak TridentRanpak announced the North America launch of FillPak Trident™, an innovative, efficient packaging solution for medium and high volume shippers such as eCommerce hubs and fulfillment and distribution centers. Trident delivers a significant yield improvement when compared to other paper-based machines and can assist companies in eliminating the use of plastic-based packaging products like airbags.

“FillPak Trident is a paradigm shift in protective packaging for mid-high volume shipping environments. Trident is a high-speed void fill solution that can operate at up to double the speed of standard machines currently on the market.  It addresses the cost and efficiency objections from airbag users and, depending on the application, can save our customers 15 percent or more in materials cost compared to other paper converters,” said Vipul Agarwal, Ranpak’s director of marketing for North America. “Every day, we can make a choice regarding the amount of plastic we are using in our daily operations. As eCommerce grows exponentially, Trident is perfectly timed to help meet customers’ cost and sustainability needs.”

Trident is designed to be a game changer in packaging applications and delivers numerous benefits to end-users. Based on Ranpak’s patented technology, Trident produces a structured protective paper solution with either user-controlled or automated high-speed delivery to the box or container. Trident has the versatility to serve both void fill and blocking and bracing applications for safe product delivery in shipping.

“We designed Trident for ease of operation on the floor,” said Michael Dempsey, Ranpak’s product manager for Void Fill product line. “By making larger bundle carts available, we have taken away the need for frequent reloading that costs shippers unnecessary down time. In addition, Trident offers enhanced product protection across transit modes, temperatures and altitudes, leading to a potential reduction in product damage rates.”

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