New Packaging Technology for Low-Cost, Stand-up, Dispenser Pouch Announced

Barton Group, LLC, announced a unique, ultra-low-cost, stand-up pouch for a wide range of liquid.

“This is the latest in a series of eight patents that focus on using horizontal thermoform/ fill/seal equipment to produce stand up pouches. The technique uses the forming step to produce an asymmetrical pocket which, when rotated 90 degrees, provides for a flat, stable bottom for standing, plus a generous volumetric capacity for the enclosed product,” said Lewis Barton, inventor and president, Barton Group, LLC.

“Previous patents provide for an integral outboard tube extension for use as the dispensing feature, such as our award-winning SqueezyStraw™ design. The unique feature of this new patent is the creation of a parallelogram shaped panel which provides for its own dispensing point at the corner of the upper right-hand side seals,” he added.

“This new style, which I call SqueezyEasy™ Stand Up Dispensing Pouch, utilizes the straight-cut mechanics on machines such as Multivac,” said Barton. “In addition, because there is no tooling for die-cutting, the capital cost for the machinery to produce this simple pouch is much lower than those to produce the type with the outboard extension.”

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