Matrix to Exhibit at Pack Expo 2019

See live demonstrations of Matrix’s 12 Flexible Packaging Machines and learn how each contributes to sustainability in Booth C-3116 at Pack Expo 2019.

Matrix Packaging Machinery will have 12 packaging machines, including vertical and horizontal form fill seal, stick pack, sachet and pre-made pouch, fully operational and demonstrating its capabilities .

Matrix works closely with its customers to develop packaging solutions that can meet traditional customer packaging requirements, as well as new sustainability goals. Multiple film types including compostable and recyclable films can run efficiently on many of Matrix’s machines. By visiting Booth C-3116, you can see how a variety of these films, including “green” films, perform in action, and learn how Matrix can help you meet your packaging goals in 2020 and beyond.

Matrix will be performing live demonstrations on the following machines at Pack Expo:

Matrix Morpheus Series

Matrix Packaging MachineThe Matrix Morpheus, a continuous box-motion bagger, allows users in the packaging and food industries to run a variety of films at faster speeds and with better accuracy.

The Morpheus uses a continuous-motion, high-speed jaw system that is unique from other vertical form fill seal machines, because the film never stops. The jaw system cuts the film and provides just enough dwell time for the three bag seams to properly seal. This innovative feature allows users to achieve higher fill rates up to 200 bags per minute, and is why the Morpheus is Matrix’s most advanced vertical form fill seal machine.

The standard Matrix Morpheus will be demonstrating its capabilities by using a compostable film to create bags filled with ground coffee at PACK EXPO, while the Matrix Morpheus XL will showcase how it can efficiently run larger bags with craft paper film.

The Morpheus series comes in three different machines to best meet users’ production requirements:

  • Morpheus: Standard machine with up to 12-inch bag width;
  • Morpheus AB: Includes Rockwell controls; up to 12-inch bag width; and
  • Morpheus XL: Accommodates up to 15-inch bag width.


The Matrix Mercury is a high-speed vertical form fill seal machine that’s capable of filling up to 140 bags per minute. The Mercury is known for its easy operation and quick changeover and setup. It can accommodate bag widths between 2” and 11”, and bag lengths between 3” and 15”. The Mercury is a great cost-effective packaging solution as it features a small footprint, stainless-steel frame, automatic film tracking, a registered film sensor and more.

Matrix will be showcasing three Mercury’s throughout the show. In the Matrix booth, two of the machines will be filling bags with sunflower kernels and a pre-packaged spinner respectively. In the ID Technology booth (C-3225), a Matrix Mercury will be running empty bags and showcasing the ID Technologies Flex-Pac labeler.

Elete Premier

The Elete Premier, a vertical form fill seal machine that is a high-performance, totally configurable packaging solution for larger bags, will be using a 100% recyclable film to make bags made to package lettuce at Pack Expo. Capable of filling rates up to 120 bags per minute, this Matrix Elete features a stainless steel, sanitary design for customers requiring more hygienic attributes in their filling machine. All major components, including fasteners, bearings, shafts and motors are suitable for washdown environments.

Matrix is the master distributor of the three foremost flexible packaging brands: FLtècnics, INV PACK, and Toyo Jidoki. Machines from all three brands will be in action in Matrix’s booth C-3116 at Pack Expo.


FLtècnics has led the development of horizontal form fill seal rollstock pouch technology for both carousel and walking beam styles. These servo-controlled machines are capable of astonishing speeds of up to 400 units per minute for liquids, powders and granules. Formats include zipper, Velcro, three-sided pouches, and more. FLtècnics will be demonstrating its 1.4 and 2.2 horizontal form fill seal machines at PACK EXPO, as well as touting its SoD (Stroke on Demand) system, which allows its machines to reduce film waste during production runs.


INV PACK is a leading provider of high quality stickpack and sachet systems for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Matrix will be demonstrating the new Sachet Form Fill Seal MVA3 machine, designed for small to medium production runs which require high-quality sealings, as well as the SP6, a six-lane stickpack machine and the BY3 four-lane stickpack machine – watch for them all in action at Pack Expo.

Toyo Jidoki

The Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler/sealer is designed for a wide variety of applications in the packaging industry, thanks to its various pouch formats and product types including flat, stand-up, retort and press-to-close pouch styles. It can seal up to 55 pouches per minute; pouch sizes range from 4.72 inches to 10.23inches  (120 – 260mm), length from 5.11 inches to 15.74 inches (130 – 400mm). The TT9CW pre-made pouch filler/sealer is a high-speed, double pouch action machine that offers a flexible format system than can fill and seal a variety of products. The TT9CW adheres to stringent safety and sanitation requirements. These quality automated pre-made pouch packaging systems can efficiently load, open, fill and cap pouches. Suitable for both liquid and non-liquid applications, they can produce a precise and dependable seal. The Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N and TT9CW will both be operational at Pack Expo.

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