ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc. Introduces Pouch / Bag Fill / Seal System

Building on the popularity of its FLX Alpha Fill | Seal model, ALLIEDFLEX has expanded its output range by introducing the company’s new compact FLX AXIS-Servo Linear Pre-Made Pouch | Bag Fill | Seal model to accommodate the filling and sealing of popular Pre-Made Standup / Zipper Pouches and QuadSeal Side Gusset Bags.

The FLX AXIS- Servo is ideally suited for moderate entry level production requirements with an output of 20 PPM. The new FLX AXIS – Servo model accommodates popular retail size packages with rapid changeover. The FLX Axis-Servo model is designed to handle pre-made pouches and bags made of laminated, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials.

The FLX Axis-Servo is manufactured by ALLIEDFLEX utilizes and Rockwell – Allen Bradley control system with Color Panelview HMI and meets UL and CSA electrical and applicable safety codes. Automatic pouch infeed system, date coding and mechanical zipper opening system are standard features.

The FLX AXIS-Servo can be configured with a multitude of filling systems including weighers, augers, pumps and other feeding mechanisms to suit a multitude of product applications.

The new FLX AXIS-Servo will be debuted and demonstrated at the Pack Expo Las Vegas in the ALLIEDFLEX Technologies, Inc. Booth LS-5919.