Flex E Pack system: Wexxar Bel and Matrix

The new Flex E Pack system, an ideal one/two-person modular, end-of-line packing station, was showcased as part of a joint venture between Wexxar Bel and Matrix Packaging Machinery at WestPack, February 5-7, at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, Calif.

The Flex E Pack is an all-in-one case packing system (forms, packs and seals) that’s designed to reduce labor and increase production output of flexible packages. Its modular system provides end users with added flexibility to integrate the right components to best meet application needs.

“The Flex E Pack provides a complete solution for the end user to form up their cases, provide the right space for the operators to hand-pack that case and send it down to a fully automatic pop sealer,” said Sander Smith, product manager, Wexxar Bel. “On a small footprint, you’re able to achieve quite a bit.”

WestPack attendees were able to see for themselves just how much productivity can be achieved in a limited space. The system is connected to a Matrix Mercury form fill seal machine. When pouches are filled, they travel along a Joy conveyor to arrive on a Wexxar Bel product accumulation table. From there, one or two operators at the Flex E Pack station pack pouches into cases formed by a Dekka 500, and then sends the case down to a BEL 250 for sealing. When fully operational, the Flex E Pack has an output of 10 cases per minute, per person.

When applications or needs change, the Flex E Pack can change as well by adding a more robust case former like the Wexxar WF20 to increase user output to 20 cases per minute; the system can be paired with any Wexxar case former.

The Flex E Pack is ideal for packaging lines with variable product flow and packing situations due to:

  • Frequent case size changes;
  • Different case sizes and pack configurations;
  • Limited floor space;
  • Manual inspection of products;
  • Limited technical staff;
  • High price of automated case packers and erectors; and
  • High SKU volume.

Features and benefits of the Flex E Pack system include:

  • All-in-one, integrated case forming, packing and sealing system;
  • Up to 10 cases per minute;
  • One or two person packing station;
  • Ergonomic industrial foot switch;
  • Snap Folder safe flap folding technology;
  • User-friendly touch screen controls; and
  • Illustrated, color-coded adjustment instructions.

For more information, visit www.wexxar.com, or www.MatrixPM.com.

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