Nercon Releases A New Product to Their Line-Up: Conveyor Retractable Gate

Nercon (, a manufacturer of conveying systems, announces another new addition to their line-up of conveyors and conveying equipment; Conveyor Retractable Gate.

The Conveyor Retractable Gate provides personnel, fork trucks and other moving equipment unrestricted movement through the production floor. The retractable gate:

  • Is designed to horizontally retract into itself
  • Operated by a simple-to-use hand crank
  • Provides a standard pass through opening of 30”
  • Can be paired back-to-back to extend the pass through opening to 60”
  • Includes adjustable guide rails
  • Can be used with any TableTop conveyor system

The use of a retractable gate conveyor can reduce the overall production line footprint by eliminating the need to design around traffic patterns and promotes a safer environment with employees no longer walking under conveyors when navigating the production floor.

The Conveyor Retractable Gate is the latest addition to the ProCore® family of conveyors and conveying equipment. The ProCore family of conveying systems is designed from an unmatched combination of application experience and manufacturing expertise. These systems are engineered with a purpose – to maximize packaging line performance, reduce changeover times and get products from point A to point B efficiently.

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