Mettler-Toledo’s GC Series Conveyorized Metal Detectors Record Strong Productivity and Uptime Benefits

Since its launch last year, manufacturers across 20 countries worldwide have implemented Mettler Toledo’s GC (Global Conveyor) Series of integrated conveyorized metal detection systems are reporting significant productivity and uptime benefits.

The modular design of the GC Series’ integrated system reportedly offers manufacturers the flexibility to meet different food safety compliance and production needs. Selecting a complete system solution from a single supplier will deliver optimal mechanical and electrical integration within a production environment to enhance productivity.

The GC Series systems reportedly boast a modular design to suit manufacturer’s applications, product characteristics and production requirements. Manufacturers initially select a Mettler Toledo metal detection head, integrate it with a customizable and scalable conveying system, then the modular system is configured with the appropriate material handling system of reject mechanisms needed for the safe removal of non-conforming products and failsafe elements to prove due diligence.

“We have created a design that is easily modified to meet the changing requirements for food manufacturers,” said Mike Bradley, head of market management, Mettler Toledo Safeline Metal Detection. “With production costs increasing, our customers need solutions that help to reduce total cost of ownership and will grow with their business. The modular design also means that service interventions are safer, faster and easier, reducing production downtime.”

The GC Series is designed and built on a single supplier model combining metal detection best practice and food safety expertise. The stable design of the electrically optimized conveyor reportedly improves the inspection performance of the metal detector thereby reducing False Reject Rates (FRR). A fully integrated system could reliably detect and reject products containing metal contaminants, plus stainless steel, and efficiently removes them from production.

More efficient cleaning processes and reduced downtime result from the GC Series’ open frame design, quick removal of components, and rounded tubular frames. Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX data management software automatically collects critical inspection process data, so that test results can be viewed remotely.

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