“Let’s just raise and lower the entire conveyor end!” Adjustable Height Conveyor

… for “common top of case” packing

Well, this is something you just don’t see every day.  Multi-Conveyor recently built a genuine conveyor concept to elevate or lower “common top of case flap” reference point, empty erected cases, to feed one stationary height case packer.

The system required conveyor elevation adjustability for any of three (3) staggered height cases erected on a single lane system, which negated a more common stationary incline or decline conveyor approach.

Our engineering team innovatively designed the entire discharge end of the conveyor to raise or lower as needed based on the height of the empty cases heading into the downstream case packer.

The conveyor height adjustment assembly uses a single hand wheel to manually raise and lower the conveyor discharge end, relying on an incorporated screw jack mechanism to complete the task.

To raise and lower the conveyor quicker, a drill motor can be used with a hex bit to rapidly turn the hand-crank.  As you can see, the entire discharge end of the conveyor is elevating in height which is necessary when the shorter height open cases are running from the erector to case packer.

The process can then be reversed. In the video, you will then see the entire conveyor lowering to facilitate the taller height open cases that feed into the same case packer – making this one line accessible for product changeover without separate case packing equipment.

The case erector discharge end uses stationary supports with adjustable articulating feet and single bolt mounting tab for floor anchor. However, casters were used for pivoting vertical curve assemblies required at infeed to allow for very slight incremental movements as the intermediate pivots up or down.

See even more conveyor videos that elevate, lower, incline or decline by visiting our website at www.multi-conveyor.com.

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