Gain Unlimited Configurations for Added Flexibility with the New FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyors from Dorner

For those applications that require the ultimate in conveyor flexibility, but with a small footprint to save valuable floor space, Dorner’s FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyors are the solution.

FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyors reportedly provide customers with unlimited configurations, including flat to flat; flat to incline or incline to flat; or incline to incline. These configurations, which also include inclines and declines through corners and straights, provide great flexibility for applications involving product buffering especially in corners.

FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyors also come with a patented side roller chain to reduce corner friction.

Features and specifications of the new FlexMove Helical Plain Bend Conveyors include:

  • Available on FlexMove Conveyors: FS (65 millimeters); FM (85 millimeters); FC (105 millimeters); FL (150 millimeters); FU (180 millimeters); and FV (260 millimeters);
  • Minimum 500 millimeters radius helical bend corner;
  • Corner angles: 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees, 225 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees;
  • Incline and decline angles up to 12 degrees;
    • Plain chain capable of incline / decline angles up to 7 degrees;
    • Friction chain recommended for angles of 7 degrees to 12 degrees;
  • Available in bearing chain and non-bearing chain models;
    • Load capacity for both: 300 pounds; and
    • Maximum speed for both: 180 feet per minute.

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