Bottomless Conveyor Safely Suspends Filled Bottles for Secure Transfer, Bottom Coding

The Pharmafill(TM) BCV1 Bottomless Conveyor from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co.,features a proprietary hugger belt design that safely suspends filled bottles and other containers weighing up to 12 pounds in total. Suitable for wine, liquor, beer, cosmetics, and a variety of foods and beverages in glass and plastic bottles, the Bottomless Conveyor automatically accepts the filled bottles from a conveyor, grips them between dual hugger belts, and either moves them over a printer to automatically apply lot traceability coding on the bottle bottom, or transfers them from one stage in the packaging line to another stage. Line stoppages to manually remove, rotate, or divert the bottles are eliminated.

Set on a lift stand, the Bottomless Conveyor features variable speed control as standard to match the overall line speed and may be easily adjusted in height and width to match the unique shapes and sizes of high-end liquors and spirits. The hugger belt conveyor includes casters and leveling pads as standard to install easily and secure the conveyor in place.

The Bottomless Conveyor is manufactured at the company’s Wall, New Jersey, headquarters. Testing is offered on-site to verify the conveyor is compatible with a particular bottle style.

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