Proseal Launches the CP4 Case Packer

All new case packing machinery maximizes efficiency and cost effectiveness throughout the packaging process.

JBT’s Proseal, a world- leading manufacturer of tray sealing machinery announces the launch of the CP4 case packing machine, the latest in the CP range. The CP4 promises to offer producers across the global food market an unparalleled level of efficiency, flexibility, and profitability in their packaging processes.

Proseal’s new CP4 differs from the CP2 and CP3 that currently exist in the CP line because of its ability to pack trays at an even higher production. The case packing machinery range are ready to be integrated seamlessly with existing Proseal tray sealing machines.

The CP4 packs a diverse range of tray formats and seal processes ranging from fresh produce, protein, snacks, and ready meals. This machine can handle up to 240 packs per minute (product dependent) and is equipped to deal with case sizes and configurations of all varieties, making it a versatile solution for high- volume production lines.

Designed with an efficient footprint for throughput, the CP4 embodies the seamless integration of advanced features and user-friendly operation. Equipped with Proseal’s latest control system, the machine allows intuitive operation and real-time performance monitoring. This will enable food producers to quickly address potential issues, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

The CP4 has quick release conveyors for easy belt maintenance and a noteworthy feature is a quick-release tooling system that significantly reduces product changeover times, which can be completed in less than a minute.

The Case Packing range is equipped with Proseal’s ProMotion™ intelligent tray spacing system. ProMotion™ controls the flow of trays and enables them to feed continuously into the machine without stopping, filling cases at up to 240 packs per minute. The CP4 can handle a wide variety of pack formats, including trays and pots in materials such as A-PET, C-PET, and board.

The technology also uses Proseal’s spare parts, shared across their tray sealing and case packing range, promoting ease of use and minimal required storage for a wide range of parts in the production area, helping to ensure the machines are running at required production speeds with minimal downtime or interruptions.

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