BEA Lasers Launches New Eagle Eye Through-Beam Laser Sensors

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL | BEA Lasers, a manufacturer of rugged laser modules and assemblies, has announced the availability of its new Eagle Eye Sensors™.  A single package contains both a through-beam photoelectric laser source (emitter) and a receiver, providing a similar function as a proximity sensor, but with enhanced benefits.  The combination emitter/receiver package is ideal for detecting the presence of objects, such as products on an assembly line, material or liquid level control, product positioning or profiling, and other applications.  The housing and components are ruggedized to withstand the ambient stresses of a factory environment and the set is also IP67 rated.

The new Eagle Eye Sensor™ from BEA Lasers is available with a red (650nm) laser, and a dot optic.  The laser is pulsed / modulated, which helps the receiver to distinguish the signal from extraneous light and achieve a long sensing range.  The maximum operating distance of the Eagle Eye Sensors™, between the emitter and the receiver, or sensing range, is 20 meters.

An object is detected when the sensing path is interrupted between the two components.  The effective beam size of a standard Eagle Eye through-beam laser sensor has been “apertured” to detect small parts, inspect small profiles or accurately sense position.

Other features of the Eagle Eye Sensors™:

  • Long sensing distance
  • No sensing restrictions – unlike proximity sensors that are limited in sensing ability, the Eagle Eye Sensors™ can sense virtually any object, such as metal, glass, plastic, wood and liquid
  • Fast response time – operates at the speed of light and without any mechanical operations
  • High resolution – allows for precise position detection and detection of very small parts
  • Non-contact sensing – the lack of physical contact with the objects being detected ensures the sensors will have years of service life
  • Easy adjustment – a visible beam enables easy and accurate adjustments to position it
  • The Eagle Eye Sensors™ from BEA Lasers are FDA compliant.

Pricing for BEA Eagle Eye Sensors™ starts at $100.00 per set, with volume pricing discounts available.  This price point is highly competitive in the market, providing as much as 50 percent cost savings in some cases.

About BEA Lasers

Since 1980, BEA Lasers has provided innovative laser module solutions to industry and research, leveraging the staff’s expert knowledge of photonics and electro-optic components. Many BEA Laser products are compliant with or surpass the standards of CE and FDA. BEA Lasers offers a full line of standard ruggedized laser diode modules with green and red lasers for varying applications and customer requirements.  These applications are typically for alignment and leveling functions in customer operations or production.  BEA Lasers also provides customization of laser modules.  BEA Laser Application Engineers and Sales Associates work with customers to deliver a solution that meets or exceeds their requirements. BEA Lasers is committed to providing high-quality laser diode modules at a reasonable cost.


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