AMGRAPH Packaging Partners with West Essex Graphics in Early Application of Breakthrough Cyrel® Plate Technology LSH

AMGRAPH Packaging  partnered with West Essex Graphics to produce one of the first packaging designs to utilize DuPont’s new Cyrel® Lightning plates technology. This printing breakthrough received the prestigious Technical Innovation Award from the Flexographic Technical Association in 2022.

The Cyrel® Lightning LSH plate was specifically developed for use with UV-LED plate exposure, which leads to improved quality and consistency when compared to conventional UV bulbs.

Previously, UV-LED exposure of plates had to be adjusted for either higher quality or shorter exposure time, but the Cyrel® Lightning plates eliminate this compromise because they were formulated with UV-LED exposure characteristics in mind. Their unique chemistry provides meticulous print details with no loss of productivity in the plate room.

Combined with the latest prepress screening technology, Cyrel® Lightning and UV-LED create multiple opportunities for improvements in quality and sustainability. The surface of the plates can be optimized with textured patterns designed to hold ink and release it in a more controlled manner. This provides flawless printed solids (often with less ink usage), and allows for faster startup times with less press waste. The UV-LED exposure enables consistent replication of patterns from plate to plate, ensuring the same level of quality and print detail every time. This, coupled with the absence of mercury and the 10 times longer lifespan of the UV-LEDs, provides significant advantages over traditional UV bulbs.

About AMGRAPH Packaging Inc.

AMGRAPH is a family-owned business located in Baltic, Connecticut. For more than 30 years, the company has been a leader in sustainability, making the highest quality flexible packaging and using the most eco-friendly methods available. As technology continually evolves, AMGRAPH remains in the forefront of the packaging industry in both environmental stewardship and advanced processes. AMGRAPH is committed to serving the best interests of its customers, suppliers, and the greater community.

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About West Essex Graphics

Since 1949, West Essex Graphics has been a leading provider of prepress graphic solutions that enhance the manufacturing and printing of consumer product packaging. The company is committed to protecting its client’s brands, elevating their packaging, simplifying their workflows, and strengthening their supply chains.  West Essex Graphics has locations in Fairfield, New Jersey and Columbus, Indiana. For more information, visit

About DuPont™ Cyrel ® Solutions

DuPont™ Cyrel ® Solutions is one of the world’s leading flexographic platemaking systems providers. The company brings together technologies and products for the packaging printing industry. They offer a wide range of flexographic solutions that optimize the quality, productivity, and sustainability of converters, printers, and trade shops, resulting in outstanding printed packages that pop on the shelf. DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions’ product portfolio includes flexographic plates and sleeves, platemaking equipment for solvent and thermal processing (Cyrel® FAST), and screens. For more information visit

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