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5 Reasons to Use Custom Packaging for Your Business

By Brent Lee, CEO of Custom Packaging Products

Custom packaging is a great way to make your company feel more professional and custom. It’s important that the custom packaging you purchase matches the style of your business, which is why customizing it with your logo or other images is such an important aspect of custom packaging. Here are five reasons to use custom packaging for your small business:

1. Stand out from the competition

Custom packaging can help your business stand out from the competition because it is unique and will vary in color, design, shape, size and materials. Many companies are beginning to recognize that people value uniqueness of product branding more than following trends with mass-marketing of logos and colors. Brands sometimes want custom packaging because they want their products to appear different or they want their packages to reflect their image or lifestyle.

2. Promote new products and services

Custom packaging is an excellent way to promote new products and services successfully. It couples the power of customized packaging with your corporate vision. Often, it can be seen in small boutiques that are trying to stand out in their industry or reach a particular market segment. These stores use custom packaging for small businesses to lure customers into looking at what they have to offer.

3. It’s more cost-effective than generic packages

Custom packaging is more cost-effective than buying generic packages because of several factors. An individual’s purchase history allows a custom packager to assess the relative value of any given product in relation to the customer and current inventory.

Returning customers with a diverse product line seem to be an obvious choice for this type of strategic merchandising, but you may also be surprised to find that increased customer loyalty from increased satisfaction is an added bonus from implementing these types of programs. In addition, machinery depreciation rates are often lower with a custom program when compared with a generic program because it means less wear on expensive equipment simply by changing out custom sized boxes.

4. Convey the company and brand image

The size, shape, and materials that you choose for your custom packaging will depend on what kind of image you want to give off. For example, if you’re a DIY company with handmade products. then rustic materials might be the way to go. Natural elements like recycled papers and natural colors are good ways to convey both environmental friendliness and emotional sentimentality. If you’re trying for stability, glass is an option. However, many people find glass containers too informal unless they contain foods like olive oil or vinegar.  It’s important to have a clear goal in mind when designing your packaging.

5. Gain customer appreciation

Your customers will appreciate receiving something special when they purchase from you — not just another product in a box. Custom packaging is something that many customers will appreciate, feeling like they’re receiving something special even before opening the item. You might not know it, but people get excited about things that are just new and unique. Most of the time new things are high quality, and custom packaging elevates the first impression, which is often most important. We don’t want to admit it, but we really do judge things by their outward appearance.

Packages are everywhere—in our houses, in supermarkets, on the streets—so why not choose a creative method by which you can attract potential consumers? Customers do not need too much prompting when the packaging stands out against the competition.

About the Author

Brent Lee is the CEO of Custom Packaging Products, a full-service packaging supplier and contract packaging company specializing in industrial packaging, packaging fulfillment and custom package design.

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