White paper: Building the case for robotic automation

This white paper lists ten benefits of automating with collaborative robots, including how to calculate various types of manufacturing savings, plus customer and employee retention. The guidance in this white paper will help you quantify those benefits to secure automation funding approval within your organization.

Ebook Download: Optimize Palletizing Applications with Cobots

Universal Robots’ collaborative robots are ideally suited to palletizing applications due to their flexibility, ease of use and attractive total installed cost. This Guide explores manufacturing challenges that cobots can solve, shares case studies and delves into basic considerations when considering a cobot palletizing deployment. Finally, the Guide covers pros and cons of three of the most common palletizing configurations.

Download: Fact Sheet on Picking, Packing and Palletizing

In these booming times for e-commerce, warehouses and logistics companies are struggling to be as efficient as possible. This 2-page document shows benefits of collaborative robots taking over picking, packing and palletizing tasks, and highlights two case study examples showing cobots from Universal Robots in real-word environments.

Webinar: Flexible Palletizing Solutions with Collaborative Robots

Manufacturers in many industries face pressure to maximize productivity and minimize ergonomic risk to workers, and packaging at the end of the line is no exception. Universal Robots and Columbia/Okura will detail the scope of these challenges and present viable, cost-effective solutions led by collaborative robots that can safely work alongside people.

Case Study: Darex Finds Success with Cobot Box Erecting, Improves Efficiency 30%

Darex, a manufacturer of drill and knife sharpeners, solved their labor pool challenges in Ashland, Oregon, by deploying a UR5 collaborative robots in a multi-step box erecting application and screwdriving station. Watch how they redeployed their mobile set-up and achieved 30% efficiency gains.

Ebook: Getting Started with Cobots

Wondering how smart facilities are getting started with cobots? This e-book details ten critical parameters for developing successful collaborative automation solutions. These steps allow you to assess your facility and resources to find the most logical tasks for cobots to take on.

Case Study: Coty Cosmetics Saves over $500K with Mobile Cobot System

Coty is a worldwide cosmetics company behind such well-known brands as Sally Hansen, Rimmel and CoverGirl. At the company’s Maryland factory, eight Universal Robots on four mobile carts now automate the picking and packing of products at the powder presses. The mobile solution delivers $500,000 in annual savings while improving both quality inspection and the employee work environment.

Blog: Palletizing ROI

When considering a palletizing solution powered by UR cobots on your production line, calculating the return on investment is crucial to determine whether to make an investment or not. For those of you considering palletizing with collaborative robots from Universal Robots, this blog post has collected all the key information you need to make the calculation. You’ll be surprised how quickly a palletizing robot will make your investment worthwhile.

Universal Robots Thought Leadership Interview

Save Time with Certified UR+ Application Kits and Components

The certified UR+ ecosystem continues to reduce barriers to automation by launching Application Kits and Components, designed to reduce recurring engineering time and speed along deployment for the most commonly sought Universal Robots applications. Universal Robots is pleased to feature four UR+ picking, packing, and palletizing kits and components from these valued partners. Learn about the benefits of the UR+ program here.

Dahl Palletizing Kit

Schmalz FXCB Robot Set

Robotiq Palletizing Solution

Schunk SGC Application Kits

Academy Core Track & Palletizing Track

Eager to get acquainted with the fundamentals of cobots? There’s no better place to start than UR’s free, award-winning online academy. The Universal Robots Online Academy has certified over 90,000 cobot programmers, and the online course features a Palletizing Application Track following completion of the 90-minute Basic Track.