Stand-up Pouches – Global Markets , Economics, Environmental Impact, Technology, and Participants

Stand-up Pouches – 2015 to 2019 is the sixth global study of the stand-up pouch industry conducted by Allied Development Corp. This 540+ page report is the definitive study of this growing industry.

The market information in “Stand-up Pouches” provides an up-to-date assessment of the stand-up pouch market including market drivers, consumption volumes, consumption values, market trends, competitive products and a quantitative forecast for each of the many market segmentations.

The Economic and Environmental section provides quantitative analyses of both economic and environmental impact for competing package types. Specifically, the analysis compares a stand-up pouch, tray, and glass jar used to package baby food.

The Technology section provides an assessment of stand-up pouch designs, materials, production methods, and emerging technology. The Profiles section includes stand-up pouch manufacturers and suppliers of equipment systems.

What sets this study apart?

> the detailed market segment analysis and the insights they provide

> the quantitative Economic and Environmental analyses completed on Allied Development’s SavvyPack® System

> the accurate profiles of industry participants

> the identification and illustration of emerging technologies

> Allied Development’s 20+ years of research in this specific market

Who Should Buy This Study:

> Stand-up Pouch Converters

> Raw Material Suppliers

> Equipment and Machinery Suppliers

> Brand Owners

> Industry Analysts


Publication date: OCT 12, 2015

Study number: RST15A

Copyright: Allied Development Corp.

Single User License – PDF: US$ 4,495

Site License – PDF: US$ 7,195

Corporate License – PDF: US$ 8,995

Market Focus™ – Single User License – PDF: US$ 3,150

Market Focus™ – Site License – PDF: US$ 5,040

Market Focus™ – Corporate License – PDF: US$ 6,300

Additional Single User License – PDF: US$ 500

Report Length: 540

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