Medical Device Packaging 2017 to 2021

“Medical Device Packaging 2017-2021” is a global study that connects trends in global macroeconomics, demographics, healthcare spending, and spending on medical devices to spending on medical device packaging. With global healthcare spending of $10.7 trillion and global spending on medical devices of $512 billion, the medical device packaging market will reach $5.4 billion by 2021.

In addition to value, Medical Device Packaging provides a complete analysis of volume measured in area for a full compliment of market segmentations. It outlines fast growing market end-use segments such as catheters and orthopedics. It explains the trends and provides a quantitative forecast for all of the sterilization techniques used for medical devices, and it examines the corresponding packaging implications. In addition to end-use segments and sterilization methods, the study breaks down the global industry by geographic region, materials, package type, level of automation, and other characteristics.

The Profiles section includes analyses of the key packaging producers, paper and non-woven suppliers, and equipment suppliers.


Publication date: JAN 13, 2017

Study number: RMD17A

Copyright: Allied Development Corp.

Full Study – Corporate License – PDF Format: US$ 8,995

Full Study – Site License – PDF Format: US$ 7,595

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Each Additional Single User License : US$ 500

Report Length: 350

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