Flexible Lidstock Packaging – Markets, Technology and Participants – 2016 to 2020

“Flexible Lidstock Packaging” is an in depth study of the North American flexible lidstock market. It is also a study of an overlooked packaging format. Applications are typically described by their primary package – case-ready meat in trays, soup in cans, medical devices in trays, and fruit in cups. But flexible lids close all of these packages, making the lidstock market a very large and important market. By 2020, the North American lidstock market will exceed US$1billion.

“Flexible Lidstock Packaging” evaluates current trends and drivers of flexible lids and lidstock. It also examines lid technology including materials & structures, application techniques, key technologies, and competitive options.

The extensive market analysis includes detailed projections of more than 80 end-use categories. The market section also examines the lidstock market from many other viewpoints including quantitative estimates of individual company lidstock purchases, segmentations by container type, material structures, heat-seal layer types, printed vs. unprinted, barrier vs. non-barrier, and many others.

What sets this study apart?

  • the detailed market segment analysis and the insights they provide
  • the accurate profiles of industry participants
  • the identification and illustration of emerging technologies
  • Allied Development’s 20+ years of research in this specific market

Who Should Buy This Study:

  • Converters
  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Equipment and Machinery Suppliers
  • Brand Owners
  • Industry Analysts


Publication date: FEB 15, 2016

Study number: RLSA16

Copyright: Allied Development Corp.

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Report Length: 400 pages

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