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May 2023


Flexible Packaging/Bags & Pouches Articles:

What’s Next in Food Packaging Materials and Equipment?
Food packaging today is so much more than just protecting the individual product. It is true that the most important function, from the moment of packaging throughout transport, storage and retail, is to ensure that the contents arrive in private households in one piece. Read More

What’s Next for Flexible Packaging?
The flexible packaging industry is constantly innovating. As the fastest-growing segment of the packaging industry in the U.S. and number one globally; the industry is striving to meet our customers’ demands for sustainability and circularity. This is also being driven by policy. So, what is next in flexible packaging? Read More

Featured Company: Matthews Marking Systems
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Flexible Packaging Enables Sustainability
If you’re familiar with flexible packaging — spouted pouches, stick packs, sachets, zipper pouches — you’ll know that it’s traditionally challenging to recycle. The main reason relates to flexible packaging’s multilayer plastic structures and the difficulty separating the various materials used in each layer at recycling facilities. Read More

The Future of Labeling with Coding and Marking
The last few years have illustrated that manufacturers need to be agile to navigate today’s dynamic market, which is being shaped by supply chain challenges, regulatory changes, and increasing consumer demands. Today, orders need to be accurate, personalized, and customized to specific needs, as well as processed and delivered faster than ever. Read More

Flexible Pouch Packaging: Disrupting the Status Quo
We hear a lot of negative press regarding “plastic packaging” and its reportedly adverse environmentally impact. There is a constant buzz in the press and by advocacy groups as to how plastic packaging is destroying the planet. Read More


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