Admix, Inc.

Admix, Inc.
144 Harvey Rd
Londobderry, NH 03053

As a leading designer and manufacturer of sanitary mixing technology, Admix has the application expertise and innovative product knowledge to resolve the most challenging mixing and milling issues. Our mission is to improve product quality, consistency, and safety, along with improving operating costs, productivity, and plant safety. Our innovative solutions and advanced technology will make your process more profitable and streamlined.

Admix sanitary designs meet the latest hygienic and safety standards, and we custom design systems that result in ergonomic safety, increased energy efficiency, and superior output, no matter what you’re mixing. In addition, Admix also operates a 5,000 square foot facility where you can put our sanitary mixers and tanks to the test. In the lab, we’ve tested thousands of samples and demonstrated scale-up process formulas, saving our customers time and energy through the use of our innovative equipment. Our lab is your lab!

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