4841 Lumber Lane
Knoxville, TN 37921

Nobelus distributes a variety of specialty laminates and films along with the highest quality thermal laminating systems in the market. We provide industry-leading service and support to a wide range of clients across the print and packaging industry. Our finishes range from economical gloss and matte to soft-touch, rough-touch, scratch-resistant, and eco-friendly options.

Nobelus began in the general commercial print space with a strong emphasis on specialty finishes for folding cartons. In the past decade, the company has stepped into new packaging formats, offering innovative finishing solutions and unparalleled service to converters in the flexible packaging and prime label industries. Our product portfolio includes both thermal laminates and adhesive-free print web films for solventless, solvent-based, and water-based lamination to meet the needs of any packaging converter.

For prime label converters, we offer a complete portfolio of unsupported films designed for wet lamination, with finishes ranging from essential gloss and matte to specialty tactile options and holographic special effects. Many of these films are receptive to embellishments and value-add post-laminate finishing processes. Our in-house solutions experts are always eager to guide and educate prime label converters who want to move from more limited self-wound laminates to our diverse film portfolio.

Nobelus also offers finishing solutions for flexible packaging converters through a film portfolio that enables even the smallest flex pack operation to explore new markets and packaging formats. Combined with low minimum order quantities and short lead times, these print web films lower the barrier to entry for newer digital converters while still providing high-quality finishes and effects for more experienced customers.

Nobelus solutions are driven by continuous innovation, ingenuity, and a desire to see our customers succeed. In every endeavor, we are committed to enhancing people, partners, and the world’s brands.