UHT70 Adaptable Hand Truck

| April 17, 2017

Did you know?  Most lifting injuries occur when someone tries to manually move a load less than 1000 pounds.

Don’t let yourself or your employees get hurt, we can help!  At Haulz-All our equipment is designed specifically to reduce those types of injuries.

All of our equipment is battery-powered and features:

  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Automatic dynamic braking as well as auto-engaging and releasing park brake
  • Rechargeable batteries that last at least 1 year
  • Can be operated indoors & outdoors even in bad weather
  • Contain no gas or oil, and emits no fumes so they run virtually silent

The UHT70 Adaptable Hand Truck is the world’s first hand truck with application-specific attachments that can be exchanged in seconds.  With enough power to carry 1000 pounds and pull/push up to 3500 pounds, this motorized hand truck can tackle just about anything you need to move.

Powered Hauling Equipment That Makes Even Tough Jobs A Breeze


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