Semi-Automatic Volumetric Piston Fillers

| November 4, 2016

accutek-svf1-16-piston-filling-machinesAccutek’s Semi-Automatic Volumetric Fillers (SVF) are piston fillers that accurately deliver a measured volume of product to each container. The accuracy of these machines ensures bottom line savings by reducing the amount of product that is used as overfill. The SVF machines are very flexible systems allowing them to adapt to a wide variety of products ranging from water to thick caulking compounds. They can also be used for lightweight containers that may be distorted by the forces of a vacuum or pressure filler. SVF fillers can also be fitted with an optional chunky product valve allowing them to fill products that include particulates. SVF machines come standard with a direct from drum draw kit (Optional hopper available) and can be set up, tested, and filling for production in a matter of minutes. The SVF piston fillers can be used as the center of your filling operation, an inexpensive back up machine, or an alternative to using contract packagers, eliminating the cost of down time and expensive set up for small runs. The ease of operation makes it easy to use and affordable.


  • One Product Cylinder and Piston
  • Direct from Drum Draw Kit
  • Available in 2-128oz single dose configurations


  • Longer nozzles (for bottom up filling to reduce foam)
  • Skinny Nozzles (for products that string or drip)
  • A Hopper
  • Chunky Product Butterfly Valves for Sanitary Products with Particulates
  • Heat Packages
  • Corrosive product packages
  • Positive Off Nozzles
  • Product suck-back nozzle kits
  • A Foot Switch

Recommended products for this machine

Water, Fruit Juices & Extracts, Liquid Tea, Liquid Coffee, Food Coloring, Tooth Paste, Peanut Butter, Vegetable Oil, Milk, Honey, Mayonnaise, Sour Cream, Cheese, Tomato juice, Fruit toppings, Jellies, Jams, Syrup, Molasses, Yogurt, Salsa, Salad Dressings, Soup, Chili, Perfumes, Essential Oils, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Ink, Lip Balms, Soap, Sun Tan Lotions, Shampoo’s, Hair Conditioners, Hair Styling Gels, Hand & Body Lotions, Facial Mud, Mascara, Eye Liner, Makeup remover, Facial Creams, Candles, Wax, Tire Sealant, Grease, Motor Oil, Urethane, Glue, Silicone, Air Craft Paint, Blood, Urine, Alcohol, and many more

Specification Sheet

Accutek logoEast: 239.225.4020
West: 760.734.4177
Toll Free: 800.989.1828

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