Great Northern Corporation Launches ISTA® 6 Test Laboratory

Compression Test
Great Northern’s new ISTA 6 Test Laboratory located in Appleton, Wisc.

Great Northern Corporation recently announced the addition of an ISTA 6® test lab at its Appleton, Wisc. location. The ISTA 6 lab, operated by in-house certified ISTA technicians, allows customers to test the integrity of their existing packages, and pre-determine if new packages are optimally designed for eCommerce and other applications. The new test lab will service Great Northern customers from all locations and business units.

“In the eCommerce marketplace, we understand that it’s not just our customers’ products we are protecting; it’s also the reputation of their brand and the potential for future purchases. Our ISTA 6 lab testing services will help our customers do just that,” commented Jeff Michels, president of Instore and Packaging, Great Northern Corporation.

The test lab exposes packages and loaded pallets to automated tests that simulate anticipated conditions and potential hazards that could be encountered throughout the supply chain and distribution channels. A series of ISTA 6 standard tests will simulate drop, impact, compression, and vibration.  The rigorous testing will challenge package integrity, structure, and its ability to withstand potential impacts and motions.

“If additional reinforcement is needed to pass ISTA 6 tests, our in-house packaging designers can make modifications that optimize the package design and reduce overall cost and lifecycle waste,” commented Michels. “Customers benefit from having a one resource for packaging and testing expertise.”

For a virtual tour of the new ISTA 6 Lab, and to learn more about testing services, visit