Whittard of Chelsea Reimagines Online Delivery Experience with New Packaging

Whittard New Packaging

Purveyors of fine tea, coffee and cocoa Whittard of Chelsea are set to launch innovative new delivery packaging for online orders in November 2019. Durable, fuss-free and aesthetically pleasing, it’s designed with the optimum door-to-door customer experience in mind – whether it’s a self-purchase or a gift sent directly to someone else.

The new packaging reportedly signifies great success in Whittard’s journey towards a more sustainable future. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, it’s 100 percent recyclable and has been produced using eco-friendly vegetable and water-based inks. Additionally, the protective air pillows previously found inside the box are now a thing of the past, saving over five tons of plastic a year.

“At the end of last year, we recognized the need for a web packaging solution that better represents our brand, is 100 percent sustainable and gives our customers a really exciting unboxing experience,” said Mark Helling, eCommerce operations executive at Whittard. “The collaboration between our in-house studio, marketing team and Lil Packaging has resulted in a huge leap forward in terms of the customer journey – and it’s kinder to the environment.”

For more information, contact www.whittard.co.uk